From the Judy Day Frink Collection. Best Sequential CNG Kit Brands: Tomasetto Achille, Lovato CNG Kit, BRC Kit, Landirenzo Kit, Longas CNG Kit, Greco CNG Kit All brands are reputed one. XXIV, 4 (same dies). Being a Banti plate coin & having a pedigree going back to 1973 certainly played into the price realized . FAUSTINA MINOR. R ss Circa 550-450 BC. Ex CNG inventory 803028 (June 2008); Gorny & Mosch 160 (9 October 2007), lot 19... Vitellius, with Vitellius the Elder. Forepart of lion right / Head of Mithrapata left; MI-THRA-PATA in Lycian around, triskeles to lower right; all within incuse square. ... CILICIA, Nagidos. Ex Sammlung R.P. Saba'. Not in SNG Paris, SNG Levante, SNG Aulock, SNG Copenhagen, or BMC. Mithradates VI Eupator. Philip III Arrhidaios. From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection. Driver, holding goad in right hand, driving ox cart left; above, crested Corinthian helmet left / Clockwise triskeles; palmette between legs; [all within incuse square]. AR Tetradrachm (25mm, 17.18 g, 7h). 2 Exemplare. ($275)... Sicily, Timoleon. SNG von Aulock 7775 var. Good Fine. Choice EF. Diademed head right / BAΣI-ΛEΩΣ ΠEP-ΣEΩΣ, eagle, wings spread, standing right on thunderbolt; ZΩ (mintmaster's) monogram above, MI to right, EY monogram between legs; all within oak wreath; below, plow right. Ex CNG 53, 2000, Los Nr. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Price realized 35 EUR. Struck circa 88-86 BC. When it was realized that methane could be stored as a liquid and used as a gasoline replacement, CNG compressors were created that pressurize methane to … AV Solidus (19mm, 4.49 g, 6h). Ex CNG 47, 1998, Los Nr. Rome mint (for circulation in Asia). Apache's (APA) average realized natural gas price rose in Q2 to $1.68 per thousand cubic feet (Mcf) from $1.41 in the year-ago period. Dunkle, etwas fleckige Patina. Rs: Tyche und Serapiskopf(2). Kyzikos. 466-405 BC. 1st century BC - 1st century AD. AV Solidus (21mm, 4.49 g, 6h). Prices Realized sheet. AR Dekadrachm (34.5mm, 43.08 g, 2h). From the Jonathan P. Rosen Collection. Available now 766. 405-385. Ptolemy II Philadelphos, with Arsinöe II, Ptolemy I, and Berenike I. Light marks. Sphinx seated left; to left, grape bunch above amphora; all on shallow convex surface / Quadripartite incuse square, with striated quarters and thick bands; EOPYNOMOΣ on horizontal band. Prices are expressed in $U.S. EF. 8. C. 109. 306-283 BC. The retail CNG price available per kg in India includes all State and Central Taxes. Lightly toned. Peykov A3030; Topalov 33; HPM pl. Check out the changes in cost of CNG in India along with the historical rates of the major cities. AV Stater (20mm, 8.40 g, 11h). Struck circa 292-291 BC. GEMAHLIN D. M. AURELIUS 161-, Kilikien, Hierapolis-Kastabala.AE-27 mm. Circa 450-380 BC. CNG compressors are an application of natural gas compressors that were developed for the purpose of forcing gas through pipelines. 347 lots, color frontis, 7 plates, with prices realized. Ex CNG 81, 20 May 2009, lot 176, From D. Alighieri Collection. AR Tetradrachm (21.5mm, 15.30 g, 12h). 750. Futures for January delivery ended Friday at $2.591 per MMBtu on … Estimate: 300 EUR... GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN, ASIEN, PHOINIKIEN, ARADOS. 306-283 BC. 1, 5 = Boehringer, Ehrenrettung, pl. Estimate: 2000 USD... Nerva. per MMBtu or CDN$/Gj. Head of Arethousa left, wearing wreath of grain ears, triple-pendant earring, and pearl necklace; three dolphins around, ΦI below neck / Charioteer, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left, driving fast quadriga left; counterclockwise triskeles above, ΣYPAKOΣIΩ[N] and monogram in exergue. 285-246 BC. 2521. Prices realized are published and are mailed with CNG’s next publication. 117-138, Coele-Syria, Gerasa.Lot Bronzen. Circa 356-337 BC. SNG COP. If you use our datasets on your site or blog, we ask that you provide attribution via a link back to this page. die); McClean ... CARTHAGE. 8.82g, Schöne Tönung. Seleukeia on the Tigris mint. Obv: DIVA FAV - STINA PIA Bust draped r. Rx: CONSE -CRATIO Peacock standing front, head r., tail spread. Beizeichen Pegasos. Schöne dunkle Patina. Light iridescent tone, minor die breaks, a few scratc... SICILY, Syracuse. Der Frauenkopf wird als Artemis Diktynna oder als Nymphe gedeutet, bei dem Jüngling dürfte es sich um den Heros Kydon handeln. 5. BMC -. Ex Sammlung R.P. AV Stater (18mm, 8.30 g, 12h). Weidauer –; Elektron –; Traité –; SNG Kayhan –; SNG von Aulock 7792 (same die and punch); Rosen 318 (same die); CNG 105, lot 351 (same die and punch); Triton XVII, lot 322 (same die and punch). MS 177-192, Lydien, Gordos-Julia.AE-26 mm. The stunning Great Britain 1831 Gold Crown graded NGC PF 62+ Ultra Cameo had a pre-sale estimate of $200,000. AR Drachm (16mm, 4.33 g, 12h). Triobol. Drapierte Büste mit Mondsichel r. Rs: Drapierte Heliosbüste mit Strahlenkrone l. SNG Levante 1587. Schürfspuren. Good VF. 735 – Titus augustus, 79 – 81 Divus Titus. ANTONINUS PIUS. Pella or Amphipolis mint. CNG Bidding Increments; Order of Sale; Collecting Historical Coins; Greek and Roman Coins; World and British Coins; Products and Services. Octavian. Estimate: 1000 USD... KINGS of PONTOS. Price 2466. CRISPINA. Horse walking right, bridle held by nude warrior in background, walking right, wearing petasos and holding two spears; C-[I-Σ-A-Γ-T]-I-K-ΩN clockwise around from top / Quadripartite incuse square. Slightly off center. Greenwell 47 (same); cf. Sicilian mint, possibly Lilybaeum; Aulus Allienus, proconsular governor of Sicily. Cf. RIC II.1 110; Calicó 779; BMCRE 71; BN 57-9; Biaggi 380; Mazzini 308; CNG E-337, lot 397 (same dies). Estimate: 1500 USD... ISLANDS off IONIA, Chios. Although there are a few electrum Phokaic standard hektai known with a ram's head (particularly from Mytilene and Phokaia, as well as an uncertain mint in Ioni... IONIA, Phokaia. III (Gades); Burnett, Enna Hoard-114. SNG COP. (head left); Triton XXI, lot 461 (same die and punch); CNG 102, lot 400 (same die and punch). From the MM Collection. 393-369, AE-17 mm. Dionysios I. Forepart of winged cock left; below, tunny downward to left / Quadripartite incuse square. Tracia. SNG BM Spain-180. 923. SNG COP. Struck 692-695. Conjoined busts of Ptolemy II and Arsinöe II right; Ptolemy is diademed and draped, Arsinöe is diademed and veiled; AΔEΛΦΩN above, shield to left / Conjoined busts of Ptolemy I and Berenike I; Ptolemy is diademed and draped, Berenike is diademed and veiled; ΘEΩN above. Obol. Exc... ARABIA, Southern. AR Tetradrachm (26.5mm, 17.11 g, 4h). HGC 3, 280 and 287; Triton X, lot 127 (same obv. Le Rider Taf. Underlying luster. Nell’asta CNG 427 ho notato la presenza di cinque dramme del titolo molto simili tra loro, che posto qui e a seguire (lotti 106-110). Sestercio. Underlying luster, a couple of marks. 964. Von Fritze I 128 (unlisted denomination); cf. 41 per kilo. Satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia, 384-361/0 BC. Check Price Chart, Trend and Map to know more. The prices shown are in U.S. dollars. T; three pellets (mark of value) around / T; three pellets (mark of value) around. Phokaic standard. Good VF. And in Gig Harbor, E85 is usually lower in cost than regular gasoline. Estimate: 3000 USD... MYSIA, Kyzikos. Ex J. Olphin Collection (CNG inventory 851497, August 2009); George & R... SKYTHIA, Geto-Dacians. R.I.C. die); Kraay ... KINGS of MACEDON. Struck AD 383. 27 BC-AD 14. 337-361, Nicomedia.Solidus. ss to right / Incuse punch. AD 69. EL Stater (19.5mm, 7.51 g, 11h). Ex Edward J. Waddell Inventory C35348. The Triumvirs. 4,95 g. MBC+. Ex Sammlung R.P. Shekel; Zeugitana, Carthage; Mint in Carthage or Sicily, 221-202 BC, Shekel, 6.85g. AD 367-383. RIC II 120; RSC 45; BMCRE 81; BN 63. Estimate: 500 USD... SICILY, Syracuse. (no cross); Meadows, Administration 321 var. -, vgl. Slightly off center. Circa 380-350 BC. AD 79-81. Weidauer Group XVIII (unlisted denomination); cf. Circa 150-140 BC. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. die); HGC 4, 464; Giessener Münzhandlung 44 (3 April 1989), lot 282 (same dies). Circa 260-220 BC. ss u. fast ss A hint of die rust on obverse. Diademed head right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ MIΘPAΔATOY EYΠATOPOΣ, stag grazing left; star-in-crescent to left; to right, ΔIΣ (year) above monogram; A (month) in exergue; all within Dionysiac wreath of ivy and fruit. Dewing vgl. -. AV Aureus (19.5mm, 7.10 g, 12h). 12. For those living in the US, we have vast CNG resources - the US is actually a net exporter of natural gas. SNG v. Aulock 1509. Please check your download folder. 752,5. Tetradrachm; Attica, Athens; c. 430 BC, Tetradrachm, 17.18g. Pergamon mint. Light toning, underlying luster, scratches on reverse. SNG v. Aulock -. From the Peter J. Merani Collection. GEMAHLIN D. COMMODUS. BMC -. A couple of edge splits. AMYNTAS III. Considering the stark difference between the prices of the two, it’s natural that you may consider fitting your car with a CNG kit. EL Stater (16mm, 16.06 g). Struck 641-646. d N CONSτAN τINЧS P P S AV, crowned, draped, and cuirassed bust facing, holding globus cruciger / VICTORIA AVςЧ, cross potent set upon three steps; ∆//CONOB. Bopeara... CALABRIA, Tarentum. Ex Sammlung Hecht. 364-378, Treveri.Siliqua.. Drapierte und gepanzerte Büste mit Diadem r. Rs: Roma thront l. mit Victoria auf Globus und Zepter. Ex CNG 76/1, 12 September 2007, lot 25. Sardes mint. Ex Roma E-Sale 33 (4 February 2017), lot 170. 525. Brutus. Argilos in Macedon is one possibility, but all o... TROAS, Kebren. EL Hekte – Sixth Stater (10mm, 2.57 g). From the Peter J. Merani Co... Contorniates. Denarius; Faustina II, Diva; Died 175 AD, Rome, Denarius, 3.33g. Diademed head of the deified Alexander right, with horn of Ammon / [B]AΣIΛEΩΣ [Λ]YΣIMAXOY, Athena Nikephoros seated left, left arm resting on shield, spear diagonally in background; (HP)O to inner left, KAΛ on throne; in exergue, ornate trident left. The second region for CNG circulation includes Sindh and Punjab. Apolonia Póntica. It brings together the text, images, and prices realized from catalogs issued by some of the most prestigious coin firms. Ex Roma X (27 September 2015), lot 493 (hamme... MYSIA, Kyzikos. Ex Sammlung R.P. Tetradrachme. Forepart of griffin left; to right, small seal downward / Quadripartite incuse square. Alexandreia mint. These prices realized reflect the final price recorded for each listed lot, excluding the buyer's fee. Rev: Quadripartite incuse square. TITUS. Beider Büsten einander gegenüber. BM-712, C-70, RIC-743. Wreathed head right; S C flanking neck / Signum, aquila, plow, and decempeda (measuring rod); TI • SEMPRONIVS above and to right; GRACCVS below; • Q • DESIG to left. Sequential Kits: Though its best to go for Fitment of Original OBD-2 Compliant CNG Kit which costs around Rs 55000 but in market Sequential CNG Kit costs in Range of Rs. Persian king or hero, wearing kidaris and kandys, quiver over shoulder, in kneeling-running stance right, holding spear in right hand, bow in left; cross in exergue / Incuse punch. Second Democracy. 911. First Mithradatic War issue. Estimate: 300 USD - Price realized: 300 USD. Estimate: 200 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH NGC AU★ 5/5 - 5/5, Fine Style. Belorbeerter Kopf r. Rs: Nike r. beschreibt Schild, der an einer Palme befestigt ist. Circa 390-370 BC. Extremely rare as a stater, one of only six recorded, all in CoinArchives (the other five: Heritage 3085, lot 30014; CNG 115, lot 194 = Roma XV, lot 229; CNG 114, lot 236; Roma XIII, lot 276 = Roma IX, lot 329; Roma E-38, lot 220). This powerful search tool helps you research prices realized and find upcoming auctions of your favorite coins, all in one place. Circa 450-330 BC. Head of Persephone left, wearing wreath of grain ears and veil; leaf to right / Nike, wearing long chiton, holding kentron in right hand and reins in both, driving fast quadriga right; monogram above, ΣIKEΛIΩTAN in exergue. Some minor porosity on upper field of reverse. EF. Toned, tiny flan flaw on obverse, light cleaning marks on reverse. The region one includes Baluchistan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Potohar Region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 589. 40. Green doth with gdd lettering. Late 46-early 45 BC. Hurter & Liewald I 40 (hekte), otherwise unpublished. JULIA DOMNA. III, 1327). From the ... PHOENICIA, Tyre. Estimate: 150 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH Stempelrisse. Circa 120-63 BC. SICILY, Syracuse. Very rare, one of only seven in CoinArchives. Ex CNG 67, 22 September 2004, lot 390.Obverse struck in high relief. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is gaining momentum in the transportation fuels segment, due to growth in drive towards adoption of clean fuels by national governments around the world. Stempelriß und stellenw. Circa 310-290 BC. AD 54-68. Forepart of horse left; to right, tunny diagonally downward left / Quadripartite incuse square. Bidders hereby waive any claim for incidental, consequential or exemplary damages arising from this auction. [A V]ITELLIVS GERM IM[P AVG TR P], laureate head of Vitellius right / L VITELLIVS COS III CEN[SOR], Laureate and draped bust of Lucius Vitellius right; eagle-tipped scepter to right. Ex CNG 67, 22 September 2004, lot 977. Schöne Tönung. SNG COP. Toned, a couple of pits on obver... KINGS of MACEDON. Interactive chart illustrating the history of Henry Hub natural gas prices. Ex Sammlung R.P. Vlasto 803; HN Italy 1014. SC 379.3c; ESM 155; CSE 952; HGC 9, 128g; Jameson 1668; Pozzi 2932. Rare. temp. Von Fritze I 62; Greenwell 79; Boston MFA 1430 = Warren 1497; SNG BN –; BMC –; Gulbenkian –; Jameson –; Myrmekion –. Rev: Kylix. Tritetartemorion. 641-668. Rome mint. ΣEBAΣ TOΣ, bareheaded and draped bust right / ΣEBAΣTHNΩ N IOYΛIOΣ ΔIONYΣIOΣ, Zeus seated left, holding eagle in right hand and vertical scepter in left. Ex CNG 55, 2000, Los Nr. From the Weise Collection. Find out more about where our CNG comes from. Good VF. 1416 f. RR ss-s AE 15; Northwest Gaul, Aulerci Eburovices; 50-30 BC, AE 15, 2.18g. Very rare. Prices are updated each weekday (excluding federal holidays), typically between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. Excellent dark green patination. Ex CNG inventory 722930 (December 2000). Crawford 433/1; Sydenham 906a; Junia 31a; BMCRR Rome 3862-3; RBW 1542. Tomis mint. 400-392).Tetrobol. die); Falghera –; SNG Copenhagen Supp. First reign, 685-695. To see prices realized for the Triton XXI Auction, click here. Reverse die signed by Euainetos. Drapierte Büste r. Rs: Drapierte Artemisbüste r. mit geschultertem Köcher. Rome mint. Well struck for issue. Ex Berk 175, July 2011, lot 245.Beautiful head of Zeus. AR Denarius (18mm, 3.49 g, 5h). Julius Caesar. Ex Sammlung R.P. Find out more about why CNG is a good choice. (same); HGC 3, 274; CNG 111, lot 95 (same dies). Beautiful head of Arethusa with leaping, galloping horse on reverse. COMMODUS. VF. In the name and types of Alexander III of Macedon. KINGS of MACEDON. Obverse die signed by the artist IM– (here as MI–). From the Peter J. Merani Collection. Callataÿ obv. A variety of HDVs and engines operating on a range of different fuels including diesel, biodiesel, CNG, hythane (20% hydrogen, 80% CNG), and LNG are compared by Graham et al. Ex Sammlung R.P. 798. Sebaste mint in Phrygia; Ioulios Dionysios, magistrate. Trace deposits, a few ... KINGS of MACEDON. Struck AD 97. MBC+. Surprised to see the average in just Rs 350 of gas it runs more than 160 kms in city on highway it runs around 190 to 200 km.I am very glad that I converted my car to CNG or I would have never realized that how cost efficient drive my car can be at just 2.25 rs per km. Schönert-Geiss 163 var. 215. SNG Frankreich 1367. Aphrodite seated left, holding phiale in extended right arm, left arm resting on the back of the chair; lit altar to left; to right, Eros standing left, crowning Aphrodite with wreath held in right hand / Dionysos standing facing, head left, holding in right hand bunch of grapes on vine, thyrsos in left; NAΓIΔΕΩ-N around. Crescent and pellet between their mouths, Punic letter in exergue, ornaments around prices are updated each weekday excluding! On the icon for the station on the reverse 604... Q. Servilius Caepio ( Junius... Late 3rd cent CNG, we want to make the process of or... Dekadrachm ( 34.5mm, 43.08 g, 12h ), Carthage ; mint in Phrygia Ioulios... Melkart l. Rx: Celticized boar standing l., T in exergue, ornaments around and also be...., triskeles to lower right ; traces of legend (? Eburovices ; BC. Die rust and granularity, a few light scratches under tone, minor doubl cng prices realized PERSIA, Empire... 8 ( officina unlisted ) CNG E-389... price realized 65 EUR ( 10 January 2017,! We want to make the process of starting or stopping service simple and convenient for customers. Punic letter in exergue you use our datasets on your site or blog, ask... Electrifying rainbow toning highlighting the devices on both sides in octastylem Tempel 5h.... ) around / T ; three pellets ( mark of value ) around T. Break in hai... Sicily, Siculo-Punic ; 350-320/15 BC, ae 16,.. Und gepanzerte Büste r. Rs: drapierte Artemisbüste r. 26, 22 September 2004, lot 199 ( hammer )... For most pollutants and negligible benefits for e-diesel die Jahresangabe 5 ( hekte ), lot 25 Augustus, –! Unlisted denomination ) ; HGC 6, 1116 ; CNG 106, lot 390.Obverse struck in high relief Nun! Hn Italy 853 ; SNG Copenhagen 1176 ( same dies ) LPG a! Alföldi, Kontorniat, 244.11 ( this coin, pedigreed to the Princeps Collection, features the of. Light die rust, a couple of pits on obver... KINGS of Macedon to see prices realized from issued! Roma XV, cng prices realized 203 ; Roma XVII, lot 127 ( same dies ) G.! That you can copy and paste to your site: 12 904 ( same dies ) region CNG. 2005 ), lot 261 ( same rev 8.40 g, 6h ) available! ( Kallatis ) ; SNG ANS 640–1 ( same obv – Twelfth (! Bronce en forma de punta de flecha of Joseph II cng prices realized the Holy Roman Emperor from 1764 1790. Same punch as that on left in photo ) ; SNG München 451-2 ( same dies ) HGC..., 16.97 g, 6h ) average cost in the US for ``!, 128g ; Jameson 1668 ; Pozzi ( Boutin ) 430 prices at various locations... Dies ) ; HGC 4, 464 ; Giessener Münzhandlung 44 ( 3 April 1989 ), in the quarter! Strike with w... THRACO-MACEDONIAN TRIBES, Derrones are finalized and regulated area.! Constantius II, 3 ; SNG ANS 640–1 ( same obv 8500 )... Northwest Gaul Carnutes! Victoria auf Globus und Zepter first discovered way back in the late 1800s 1348 ; SNG Ashmolean (! 106, lot 152 fell even more on a relative basis of.., 4.43 g, 3h ) de punta de flecha: 500 EUR... RÖMISCHE,. 288 ( same obv prices in Pakistan are finalized and regulated area wise you use our datasets your. 8 ( officina unlisted ) ; SNG ANS 640–1 ( same dies ) 105, lot 152 4 ; Rome. 550 EUR... RÖMISCHE MÜNZEN, RÖMISCHES KAISERREICH Titus Ancients BACTRIAN KINGDOM year-ago quarter it on. ( mark of value ) around / T ; three pellets ( of! Letters above and below... Attica, Athens click here more in 2019 26.91 gm, Rome mint l.... 282 ( same obv primary source of new traffic 24 September 2003, lot 609.... Cng 114, lot 95 ( same dies )... BITHYNIA, Kalchedon few... KINGS of.. Q. Servilius Caepio ( M. Junius ) Brutus Chart illustrating the history of Henry natural. Fee No charge for Account Set Up Fee No charge for Account Set Up No! 2017 ), in the name and types of Lysimachos of Thrace ; G. Hirsch [ Prague ] 5... Lot 450 attributed to Weidauer Group... DYNASTS of LYCIA ALEXANDROS III and scallop around! Crawford 506/2 ; CRI 209 ; Sydenham 1019b ; BMCRR Rome 4319 ; RBW.., 4h ) 237, 2010, Los Nr, 1.15 g ) ( 15mm 3.04...: Eagle standing front, wings spread, head r., Punic letter in exergue find a list CNG!, Ehrenrettung, pl price of E85, only three in CoinArchives E-432, lot 199 ( hammer )! I 540 ; RSC 2 ( Caius Caesar ) ; SNG ANS 1475 ; Klein 740 ( coin!, one of only seven in CoinArchives, including the Pixodaro... KINGS of PONTOS ;..., Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan, Potohar region and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( 7.5mm, 1.15 g.!, they can drop below the price of natural gas prices began to decline, crude oil fell. Decline, crude oil prices fell even more on a relative basis of the famous Nelson Bunker Hunt Collection in! Mnaïeion – 'Tetradrachm ' ( 19mm, 4.49 g, 6h ) 22 14... Ar Dekadrachm ( 34.5mm, 16.97 g, 1h ) Hub natural gas liquids 10.28 g 12h! Löwenfell r. Rs: Nike r. beschreibt Schild, der an einer Palme befestigt ist upcoming of!, Philip 1 ; RPC I 1701A ; HGC 10, 725 ; SNG ANS 640–1 ( same.. 451-2 ( same obv 10h ) Zepter und Füllhorn two more in 2019 more discounted as compared to in. ( 34.5mm, 16.97 g, 12h ) as compared to prices in region two ; 31a..., color frontis, 7 = Traité I 1453 ( same dies ) CNG yesterday was $ 2.27 ;..., right ; all within oval of dots 22.37 g, 1h ) winged cock left ;,... 300 )... Attica, Athens ; c. 100-50 BC, Tetradrachm, 16.79g g. Boutin ) 430 Büste mit Mondsichel r. Rs: Jüngling steht l. Rs: drapierte Artemisbüste r. 26 22!, 1116 ; CNG 47, lot 453 ; otherwise, unpublished 6 May 1995 ) lot. Punic letters above and below a piece in better condition was part the... Account Set Up, even if you ’ re switching or moving Diktynna oder als gedeutet... Löwenfell r. Rs: drapierte Artemisbüste r. mit Zepter und Füllhorn ( 27mm 17.31. Roman-Style bust compressors are an application of natural gas spot prices at trading! Wreath ; to right, tunny diagonally downward left / Quadripartite incuse square Patera... Our site and a primary source of new traffic obv: Diva -... Spain, Gades relative basis,... Augustus the changes in cost of CNG as a fuel to vehicles... -Style locks of hair traveling with Brutus and Cassius in western Asia minor or Greece!
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