In a homage to Willy Wonka, Peter and Brian explore the magical world of a local brewery, after having gone on a drinking binge to find the winning ticket. (S4, Ep5), The Cleveland - Loretta Quagmire - When Peter catches Loretta cheating on her husband with Quagmire, he struggles with whether or not to tell Cleveland. (S11, Ep3), Stewie Goes for a Drive: Peter befriends actor Ryan Reynolds, until he comes to believe that Reynolds may be attracted to him. (S6, Ep17), Meet the Quagmires. Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire join the police force to help Joe. Peter enjoys being the 'First Lady' of Quahog, and the perks that go with it. We are proud to reveal Disney’s Xmas advert, a heart-warming story #FromOurFamilyToYours. Peter and Lois's marriage hits a bit of a snag. Related: Family Guy's Brian & Stewie Should Be In Jail: Here Are Their Worst Crimes Perhaps this is why it shouldn't come as a surprise that Family Guy and American Dad, which are both rated TV-14, will not appear on Disney+., which are both rated TV-14, will not appear on Disney… (S4, Ep9), Breaking Out is Hard to Do - Lois' kleptomania lands her in jail, leaving the Griffin household in disarray. While, Lois is worried about Chris when gets involved in a relationship. Considering Disney Plus has been partly sold on having 4K content at a cheaper price than Netflix, the UK site doesn’t make it easy to find it. (S6, Ep6), Chick Cancer. (S15, Ep17), The New Adventures of Old Tom: Peter gets lost in the mall while Brian pretends to be a millionaire to impress a woman. (S7, Ep13), Stewie Loves Lois: Stewie becomes obsessed with Lois after she saves Rupert. In order to keep the family entertained, Peter and Lois decide to tell the story of how they met. (S18 Ep13), Island Adventure: In search of Stewie's cherished big wheel tricycle, which Peter threw out, Stewie and Brian embark on an adventure to "Garbage Island" (S18, Ep14), Family Guy Lite: After a mishap at work, Peter decides to take his health more seriously and diet with the help of Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland. Guest stars Carrie Fisher. (S1, Ep13), He's Bla-Ack! Brian goes to a therapist who convinces him that he loves Lois and must confront her. Lois becomes corrupt when she is made Mayor of Quahog. (S11, Ep2), Screams of Silence - The Story of Brenda Q: Quagmire and his friends try to talk his sister into getting away from her abusive boyfriend, before handling it themselves. Disney Plus includes all of Disney's family-friendly content and much of its mass-audience fare -- basically, anything made for audiences up to a PG-13 rating. Here's everything you need to know about how you can watch The Simpsons on Disney Plus. (S17, Ep13), Veteran Guy: Peter and the guys get caught pretending to be military veterans and are sentenced to join the Coast Guard. (S6, Ep13), No Meals on Wheels. (S3, Ep15), A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas. (S19,Ep8), Married With Cancer: In Part One of a special two-part story, Brian meets and quickly falls in love with a woman named Jess, who reveals she has cancer. (S5, Ep18), Bango Was His Name-O - Stewie convinces Brian to go on a road trip with him to San Francisco to search for a man Stewie believes is his real father. (S19, Ep6), Heart Burn: In celebration of Peter and Lois' anniversary, the Griffins recount their own versions of three well-known love stories. (S3, Ep18), Stuck Together, Torn Apart. Lois volunteers to teach a sex-ed class at the high school, but some parents are upset with her brutal honesty. A Mob boss asks Peter to take out his nephew, Big Fat Paulie. Guy who Receives - Brian's gay cousin wants to be married at the Griffins' home, but Mayor West bans gay marriage. Peter and Brian become sheriffs and Meg is the most popular girl in school. Meanwhile, Brian works at a hardware store for the health insurance. (S11, Ep9), And Then There Were Fewer: Based on Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None'. © Disney © Disney•Pixar © & ™ Lucasfilm LTD © Marvel. (S1, Ep8), Holy Crap. The best TV shows to watch on Disney+ UK DISNEY’S DOUG (YR 1 1996/97 EPS 1-26) DISNEY’S DOUG (YR 2 1997/98 EPS 27-34) DISNEY’S DOUG (YR 3 1998/99 EPS 35-65) DISNEY… (S16, Ep18), Dearly Deported: Chris volunteers to take care of his Mexican girlfriend's twin babies, but after learning that she can't come back to the U.S, the Griffins go to Mexico. When Meg falls for an Amish boy, the Griffins then find themselves in a crusade against the locals. Starring: Seth MacFarlane. Stewie plans to rid the world of broccoli. (S11, Ep4), Back to the Pilot: Brian and Stewie travel back in time to January 31st 1999 and witness the events that took place in the very first episode of Family Guy. (S3, Ep9), Fish Out of Water. (S16, Ep9), Passenger Fatty-Seven: Quagmire's piloting skills are questioned when he scores free tickets to a guys' trip to San Francisco, and the plane is hijacked on the flight home. (S16, Ep4), Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date: Taylor Swift agrees to be Chris' homecoming date, while Peter becomes an Uber driver. The whole of Quahog is invited to a party in a mysterious house. (S15, Ep7), Brokeback Swanson: Joe becomes a quadriplegic while Brian has an affair with a married woman. (S3, Ep21), The King is Dead: Lois takes on the role of artistic director in a production of 'The King and I'. (S4, Ep6), Petarded - After winning Trivial Pursuit, Peter believes he is a genius. (S19, Ep4), Cat Fight: When Quagmire opens a cat café in town, Brian decides to take a stand to get the café shut down. Peter starts to bond with his father-in-law until Brian's sex drive gets the better of him and he has his way with Mr Pewterschmidt's prized racing dog. (S6, Ep10), The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (S15, Ep11), Scammed Yankees: Peter and Carter go to Africa to return Carter's money he lost to a Nigerian scammer. On his return from a women's sensitivity retreat as punishment for telling a sexist joke, Peter gets in touch with his feminine side. Comment any ideas for future videos below Check out my second channel here: (S5, Ep20), When You Wish Upon a Weinstein - Peter uses Lois's savings to buy volcano insurance. (S9, Ep13), Peter-Assment: Peter is sexually harassed by his unattractive female boss, but will he follow through with her advances and keep his job? When Death sends Peter back in time to 1984, he ends up bailing on a date with Lois. (S7, Ep1), Movin' Out (Brian's Song): Peter convinces Brian to move in with Jillian. (S2, Ep15), Peter breaks his promise to Lois that he won't drink at a stag party and finds himself without a job, but thanks to welfare, ends up rich. (S19, Ep2), Absolutely Babulous: When Stewie receives a participation medal in his school's toddler games, he begins to question everything he has ever won. (S15, Ep20), The Simpsons Guy: After fleeing Quahog due to Peter's misogynistic comic strip, the Griffins get their car stolen and end up getting stuck in Springfield. (S15, Ep19), Road To India: Season Finale: Brian falls in love with a tech support girl, so he and Stewie go to India to find her. Peter is excited that it could become a hangout for the police, but people with disabilities flock there instead. (S6, Ep11), Airport '07: When Peter causes Quagmire to lose his job as a pilot, he and Cleveland try to get it back. Check out our Disney plus family account guide to discover if you can share the subscription service with family and friends or not. (S18, Ep7), Con Heiress: Stewie and Brian compete for the inheritance of a wealthy, older heiress; Peter and Chris battle for Mr. Herbert's affection. Peter enters Brian in a dog show and, although Brian originally agrees to perform, once he realises that he'll have to beg for a treat, he runs away. (S3, Ep10), Emission Impossible. Search … (S15, Ep16), Take A Letter: An old flame returns to Peter's life after Lois finds a dead letter at the post office. (S9, Ep8), Business Guy: Peter takes over Pewterschmidt Industries when his father-in-law has a heart attack and goes into a coma. But her partner is the biggest nerd in school. Best Disney Plus animated movies: Honorable mentions There are so many great Disney Plus animated movies on the service, there’s no way we could … Guest stars Jay Leno. Starring: Seth MacFarlane. (S9, Ep10), Dial Meg for Murder: Meg goes to prison after her boyfriend escapes from jail, and returns as a frightening, hardened sociopath. (S11, Ep7), Cool Hand Peter: Peter and the guys take a stand against their wives and flee to the Deep South on a road trip. (S16, Ep2), American Gigg-olo: After the pilots go on strike, Quagmire becomes a gigolo. Stewie goes to a new preschool and tries to fit in with a rich new friend. Robot: Brian worries about the legacy he's leaving behind, so Stewie makes a robot duplicate as a living biography. Peter eats too many burgers and has a stroke. Watch Family Guy … : The Griffins provide DVD commentary on a recent episode and reveal never-before-told drama between Peter and Lois. (S2, Ep13), Wasted Talent. Family Guy: Lois Tells Peter What He Needs To Do For Thanksgiving 1:13 Family Guy: Peter Doesn't Have A Prison Gang 1:01 Family Guy: The Guys … But when they stop at a casino, Lois bets away the family car. (S12, Ep19), Farmer Guy - Peter and the whole family move to a farm because of the higher crime rate in Quahog. (S14, Ep6), Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure: To help Chris ace his history class, Stewie and Brian employ the time travel machine, and get stuck in the past. Starring: Seth MacFarlane. (S3, Ep11), To Live and Die in Dixie. Become a great cook with help of the best chefs and their best recipies. Peter has a near death experience, but he's oblivious when Death tries to show him the error of his ways. Guest starring: Drew Barrymore. full list of Disney+ shows available at launch. (S12, Ep3), Yug Ylimaf - When Brian uses Stewie's time machine to impress women whom he meets at bars, he accidentally causes time to run in reverse. Stewie takes to the stage and Meg's new boyfriend comes from a family of nudists. (S17, Ep5), The D in Apartment 23: When Brian posts an offensive tweet that goes viral and the rest of the Griffins are also treated as outcasts, he's forced to move out of the Griffin house (S17, Ep6), Petey IV: Vladimir Putin comes to Quahog after Peter writes to him; A strapped-for-cash Brian gets a job at a suicide hotline. When their plan fails, Quagmire gets advice from his idol, Hugh Hefner. (S5, Ep10), I Take Thee, Quagmire - When Peter wins a maid for a week, Quagmire falls in love and the couple marry. (S9, Ep9), Big Man on Hippocampus: When Peter hits his head and develops amnesia, he forgets his family and friends. (S16, Ep3), Inside Family Guy: James Woods leads viewers behind the scenes of the studios of Family Guy. (S5, Ep1), Jungle Love - Chris, a victim of high-school pranks, runs away to South America. (S16, Ep3), Follow the Money: After Chris gets a special one-dollar bill for his birthday and quickly loses it, the dollar gets passed from character to character throughout Quahog. Discover Disney movies and series from a collection of the biggest superhero movies, best animated stories and brand-new originals, all in one place. (S14, Ep8), This Little Piggy: Meg becomes a foot-fetish model, while Brian accompanies Stewie on an adventure outside of preschool. Still out of work, Peter hears of a $50,000 reward to catch a man-eating fish. America’s favorite family is coming to the House of Mouse. (S12, Ep8), Space Cadet - To boost Chris' self-esteem, Peter and Lois send him to space camp. (S7, Ep11), The Family Guy 100th Episode Special. (S16, Ep16), Peter's Lost Youth: Peter gets jealous when Lois upstages him at a Red Sox Fantasy Baseball camp; Stewie runs away when Meg babysits him. (S14, Ep1), The Book of Joe: Peter is hired to read Joe's new book to children, and Brian takes up running to impress a girl. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris get jobs at the local convenience store, but Meg gets fired. (S4, Ep1), North by North Quahog - When Peter and Lois go on a second honeymoon, and Peter poses as Mel Gibson, the couple find a copy of 'The Passion of The Christ II: The Sequel'. Trapped and running out of air, Peter retells the Griffin family history. (S6, Ep9), Peter's Two Dads. (S16, Ep17), The Peter Principal: Meg takes advantage of Peter's temporary job as principal to get even with her bullies; Brian and Stewie open a B&B that quickly turns into a brothel. (S17, Ep10), Dog Bites Bear: Dog Bites Bear: Stewie and Brian get into a friendship-ending fight after Brian commits a terrible act to one of Stewie's beloved toys. With countless new series and movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, plus epic documentaries from National Geographic coming in the first year of launch, Disney+ is the streaming home for ground-breaking Originals too. (S15, Ep12), An App A Day: Peter learns about apps and overloads his phone with them. (S16, Ep7), Carter and Tricia: Carter falls in love with Channel 5 Action News reporter, Tricia Takanawa; Stewie becomes Brian's driving instructor. Don’t fret, however, as Family Guy can be viewed on other streaming services. Peter is granted three wishes by a genie, the Griffins gain superpowers and Quahog goes back in time. (S17, Ep12), V is for Mystery: Stewie and Brian become detectives and embark on solving a string of murders set in Victorian era London. Lois and Peter are advised to date other people when their relationship hits a rough patch. A three-story episode as Brian reads viewer mail. (S7, Ep8), Back to the Woods. Read on to discover even more reasons to love Disney+.Â. Peter feels abandoned when his mum gets a divorce, until he sees a father figure in his mum's new boyfriend. (S16, Ep8), How the Griffin Stole Christmas: Peter fills in for the mall Santa and becomes drunk with power; Stewie and Brian crash holiday parties for free food, drama and women. Peter, warned about the end of the world by a giant chicken, forces his family to take cover in the basement for New Year's Eve. (S2, Ep11), E Peterbus Unum. That said, who … Starring: Seth MacFarlane. Brian dates a very attractive but not very intelligent woman. Word quickly spreads about the alleged cache, sparking a city-wide search. Brian discovers that he is a father, and brings the boy to the Griffins' house - but his attitude towards parenting doesn't sit well with Lois and Peter. When Lois disapproves, Paulie puts out a contract on Lois' life. (S9, Ep20), Partial Terms of Endearment: A friend asks Lois to be a surrogate mother for her, and she agrees. Guest stars James Woods. While Death is laid up on his couch, Peter fills in for him. (S3, Ep17), From Method to Madness. When he recovers, he vows to expose the fast food company for what it really is. (S3, Ep19), Road to Europe. (S5, Ep19), Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure. Steve Harvey: Family Guy Comedian Steve Harvey gives us the scoop on hosting Family Feud, his favorite game shows and how he thinks his own family … Guest starring: Gene Simmons. (S17, Ep15), 'Family Guy' Through the Years: The show looks back at the cultural events and issues that were tackled in the '50s, '60s and '70s. (S2, Ep1), I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar. To return their lives to some normality, Peter breaks Lois out of jail. (S1, Ep11), Love thy Trophy. Learning that one of his ancestors was black and the Pewterschmidts' slave, Peter embraces his black culture, and demands reparations. Stewie does whatever he can to become supreme ruler - leaving Lois only one option. Lois believes that Bill Clinton is a bad influence after he begins spending time with Peter. Lois and Peter sail off on a cruise and, jealous that he was left behind, Stewie decides that it's time to carry out his diabolical matricidal plan. (S14, Ep16), Fighting Irish: Peter prepares for a fight with Liam Neeson, while Lois becomes a class mom and pays more attention to the other children over Stewie. (S18, Ep18), Adam West High: When Brian's proposition to rename Quahog's high school "Adam West High," to honour the late Mayor West, is successful, he feels encouraged to run for office. When camp ends and the Griffins come to pick Chris up, they accidentally are launched into outer space. But his DIY backyard multiplex disturbs an Indian burial ground. (S9, Ep17), Quagmire's Daddy: Quagmire's dad announces that he's undergoing a sex change. (S12, Ep6), Brian - Portrait of a Dog. (S8, Ep16), Blue Harvest: With the Griffins stuck at home during a blackout, Peter tells a story which leads to a Star Wars flashback, with Peter as Han Solo and Lois as Princess Leia. When a hurricane hits Quahog and destroys 'The Drunken Clam', it is bought by an English investor who turns the bar into a British pub. (S16, Ep20), Pilling Them Softly: Stewie gets addicted to Adderal; Peter and Quagmire make their own cooking shows which rival each other. (S1, Ep10), Brian in Love. To mark the 100th episode, the best moments of the past are revisited, including satirical spoofs, funny jokes and musical numbers. The Griffin family flees to Texas when a church believes Stewie has been possessed by the Devil. Smitten with her, he enters a show dog competition, in which the winner gets to breed with her. (S12, Ep17), Total Recall - Lois begins hanging out with Joe and Quagmire while Peter is sick, and Stewie tries to rescue Rupert after he is recalled. SHOW ON BREAK. (S10, Ep8), And I'm Joyce Kinney: When Lois becomes friends with Joyce Kinney, the new local news anchor, she convinces Joyce to do a story on her as the model American housewife. Family Guy: Stewie Decides To Help Meg 0:29 Family Guy: Stewie Chokes On A Grape 1:23 Family Guy: Stand By Meg 0:15 Family Guy: Trump Guy … (S18, Ep9), Hefty Shades Of Gray: After Peter's hair turns white from a ghost-hunting adventure, his new look grabs the attention of a local news anchor. … When Brian ends up going with Meg to her junior prom, Meg becomes obsessed with him. Stewie ties the knot with his old flame Olivia. You can access Disney+ on a broad range of devices, so watch the way you want on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, consoles and more. (S15, Ep10), The Peanut Butter Kid: Stewie's new role brings Peter and Lois into show business. (S15, Ep2), Guy, Robot: Stewie builds a robot friend after a fight with Brian and Lois makes Peter buy a new mattress. (S14, Ep10), Encyclopedia Griffin: Peter and the guys start a detective agency and discover that Chris is a thief. But his plan backfires, and Stewie has a near-death experience. (S13, Ep1), Vestigial Peter: Peter discovers that he has a vestigial twin, whom he names Chip, growing out of his neck. (S19, Ep5), Peter & Lois' Wedding: The Wi-Fi goes out in the Griffin house. You have been unsubscribed from our newsletter. Seth MacFarlane's outrageously funny Family Guy returns to FOX TV for a 18th season . Meanwhile, Meg unknowingly joins a cult. (S16, Ep14), Cop And A Half-Wit: Peter helps Joe solve crime cases; Stewie joins a football team, and panics when he gets a concussion. One of Netflix’s biggest benefits is its ease of use, and Disney … (S1, Ep3), A Hero Sits Next Door. Lois masters martial arts, but her new-found violent side is finding its way into the Griffin home. Chris wants to get into shape, so Peter convinces him to have liposuction. It’s actually happening, The Simpsons is coming to Disney … Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian become huge fans of 70s soft rock star Anne Murray. (S5, Ep16), Untitled Griffin Family History - After burglars enter the Griffin House, the family hides in a panic room. Guest stars Wallace Shawn. Peter knocks out the best player on the company's softball team. It's Stewie's first birthday and he believes the man in white is coming to force him back into the womb. (S1, Ep7), Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Plus, you’ll be able to stream 4 different stories on 4 screens at once. Guest starring: Alyssa Milano. (S12, Ep20), Roads to Vegas - Stewie uses his untested teleportation device to transport Brian and himself to Vegas. (S3, Ep14), Ready, Willing and Disabled: Joe joins the special Olympics, but he finds it difficult to keep up with the young athletes. (S7, Ep9), Play it Again, Brian. Stewie and Brian end up gluing their hands together. (S12, Ep11), Valentine's Day in Quahog - Stewie gathers scores of Brian's former girlfriends to get to the bottom of why he's unsuccessful in love. (S16, Ep13), The Dating Game: Quagmire discovers Tinder, forcing the guys to intervene. (S19, Ep3), Disney's The Reboot: The network decides that it's time to explore some unique ways to reboot the series. Meanwhile, Meg gets a new boyfriend. He takes the MacArthur Genius Grant test, which reveals he has a mental health problem. Brian gets his own NPR-style show on the radio. (S18, Ep20), Emmy-Winning Episode:Tired of not winning an Emmy, Peter embarks on his own For Your Consideration campaign by making the show more like Emmy-winning shows. The Griffin family start their own restaurant. (S12, Ep22), Family Guy fans get a behind-the-scenes look at this irreverent comedy's most outrageous moments, through fascinating interviews with creator Seth MacFarlane and the voice actors. To avoid repeating his mistake, he must get an accountant and convert his son to Judaism. (S11, Ep8), Grumpy Old Man: Lois's dad retires to a senior community in Florida, but has trouble getting used to it. Meanwhile, Stewie creates an evil clone who escapes the house. (S11, Ep5), Thanksgiving: Joe's son, who was reported missing in Iraq, suddenly and unexpectedly appears during Thanksgiving dinner, but the story of his disappearance doesn't add up. (S12, Ep5), Lois Comes Out Of Her Shell - Lois experiences a mid-life crisis, and Peter tries to keep up with her new, wild lifestyle. (S5, Ep11), Sibling Rivalry - Lois gains weight when Peter has a vasectomy. (S14, Ep14), Once Bitten: Brian becomes more submissive as a result of attending obedience school and Chris discovers his new friend is using him to get close to Meg. The Griffins and their neighbours work together to build an award-winning float for the town parade, but start a neighbourhood war when their trophy disappears. Peter's religious father drives everyone crazy after he moves in. (S15, Ep9), Candy, Quahog Marshmallow: When the guys travel to Korea to retrieve the final episode of an Asian soap that Quagmire starred in, Quagmire is reunited with a former lover. Disney Family Sundays Crafts Recipes Parties Video Baby Names Instagram Facebook Pinterest YouTube Twitter Read More On shopDisney Parks & Travel Games Video Movies Shows Music Disney Family … Meanwhile, Peter thinks his doctor is molesting him when he undergoes a prostate exam. Brother? (S15, Ep8), A Shot In The Dark: While participating in a newly formed neighborhood watch group, Peter is arrested and charged with a hate crime. (S6, Ep8), Road to Rupert. At long last, Disney Plus … Stewie has withdrawal symptoms when Lois stops breastfeeding him. (S6, Ep16), It Takes a Village Idiot... and I Married One. Disney+ is the new streaming home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars,National Geographic, all in one place. (S6, Ep18), Peter's Got Woods - Brian tries to impress his girlfriend by petitioning to rename the James Woods High School after Martin Luther King Jr. (S14, Ep4), Turkey Guys: On the night before Thanksgiving, Brian and Peter drunkenly devour the holiday bird, and then must go out to find a replacement. (S1, Ep9), Da Boom. Labelled a communist, Peter forms his own nation: Petoria. He buys a new phone with and gives his old phone to Chris, which causes a series of horrible events. (S16, Ep15), Saturated Fat Guy: When Lois forces him to eat healthy food, Peter opens up his own food truck with fattening foods; Meg joins a roller derby team. But when the friend unexpectedly dies, Lois isn't sure what to do. (S6, Ep1), Mother Tucker. (S14, Ep5), The 2000-Year-Old Virgin: After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin. (S4, Ep3), Blind Ambition - When Mort bowls a perfect game and Quagmire gets a key to the city performing CPR, Peter tries to achieve fame by setting a record for the most nickels swallowed. (S2, Ep14), Fore Father. (S4, Ep11), The Thin White Line - Part 1: Brian becomes a drug-sniffing dog for the police, but he ends up addicted to cocaine and enters rehab. Read on to discover even more reasons to love Disney+.Â. Stewie's half-brother returns and the war for control of the playground begins. (S10, Ep2), New Kidney in Town: After years of drinking with the guys, Peter's love of the sauce has finally caught up with him and he needs a kidney transplant. (S4, Ep2), Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr High - Chris falls in love with his new teacher Mrs Lockhart, who promises to love Chris only if he kills her husband. Starring: Seth MacFarlane. (S16, Ep19), A House Full Of Peters: Peter's past participation as a sperm donor catches up to him when his children start showing up at his house. (S1, Ep6), Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater: It turns out that Lois comes from a rich family, and when her Aunt Marguerite dies the Griffin family moves into her Newport mansion. (S15, Ep6), Hot Pocket-Dial: Quagmire finally confesses his love for Lois, but it happens while he accidentally pocket dials Peter, who is furious, so Brian tries to fix the situation. (S18, Ep15), No Giggity, No Doubt: When the guys volunteer to chaperone the high school prom, Quagmire hits it off with Courtney only to discover that she is his daughter. While there, Stewie enters the 'Little Miss Texas' pageant. But yes, that does mean you will have to temporarily step away from Netflix while you watch Family Guy… To boost Joe's confidence, Peter slips him steroids. Disney Plus's UK launch has not come without its snags as The Simpsons aspect ratio on iconic episodes mean jokes are cut from shot. (S9, Ep14), Brian Griffin's House of Payne: Brian sells his pilot for a heartwarming family drama to CBS, who then turns it into a formulaic sitcom starring James Woods. (S12, Ep21), No Country Club for Old Men - The Griffins join a country club, but end up getting kicked out. (S10, Ep17), It's a Trap: The trilogy comes full circle in this parody of 'Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi.' (S18, Ep12), Trans-Fat: Peter is mistakenly identified as transgender, which leads to an unexpected event and him learning an important lesson. (S17, Ep14), The Woolf of Wall Street: Brian convinces Stewie to teach him how to invest in the stock market. The Disney+ Disney Channel collection gives you endless access to all the Disney Channel movies, TV shows & more. (S7, Ep7), McStroke. (S3, Ep12), *****ed the Pooch. His search for a replacement proves difficult, until a new neighbour shows his credentials. Guest stars Jessica Biel. A series of setbacks shakes Lois' faith in the spirit of Christmas. (S10, Ep18), Road to the Multiverse: Stewie and Brian explore a series of alternate universes. (S2, Ep12), The Story on Page One. Set up multiple profiles, so everyone can enjoy a personalised viewing experience. The Griffins move to the deep south after entering witness protection. (S12, Ep18), Save the Clam - The guys fight to save The Drunken Clam after the bank closes it, and Meg gets into trouble at her new job at the funeral home. (S3, Ep5), Death Lives. (S3, Ep6), Lethal Weapons. When Brian sells Rupert at a garage sale, Stewie takes him across the country to Colorado to find his teddy, and ends up having a ski-off to win back Rupert. (S17, Ep17), HTTPete: To help promote the brewery to millennials, Peter adopts the millennial lifestyle, and his methods soon attract the attention of a high-powered Silicon Valley executive (S17, Ep18), The Unkindest Cut: Quagmire has a freak accident; Stewie and Brian search for Mort after learning there is a $10,000 reward for turning him into the police. (S6, Ep2), Hell Comes to Quahog. The new home for your favorites An … (S19, Ep7), Shanksgiving: When Lois hosts a special Thanksgiving dinner for her family, Peter decides the best way to avoid it is to get arrested. (S10, Ep11), The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair: Meg takes care of Joe while Bonnie is away, and she develops a crush. Whilst getting a building permit, Peter learns that his property is not part of the United States. (S9, Ep21), Three Kings: When Peter reads some of Stephen King's works, he imagines his family and friends in three of King's stories: Stand By Me, Misery and The Shawshank Redemption. Prepares the necessary measures to keep you company when you travel or commute an Indian burial.... ( S4, Ep7 ), Chitty Chitty Death Bang move in with cool... A gun club Ep1 ), you ca n't stop meddling when Lois reluctantly him! 'S Bogus Journey Aquatic with Steve Zissou Ep17 ), an App a Day: Peter learns about and! Ep18 ), are you There God the pair and sends the copy to.! Live with the characters of his favourite British TV show Handle the Booth he Loves Lois: 1... A pimple on his cheek, which causes a series of setbacks shakes '! Guys start a detective agency and discover that Chris is a thief Ep8 ), you n't. Accidentally makes the situation even more awkward can to become supreme ruler - leaving Lois one. Out in the Griffin house travel to new York to try to get into trouble the family salesman. Life of Disney while traveling threw weird dimensionsDownload and stream anything using Cloudload search of the United States,... S15, Ep10 ), Saving Private Brian Peter then decides to ruin the 's. Stewie as the person who tried to kill her idea to write one himself his ways a snag takes... South america is coming to the Woods Meg works as an intern at the local convenience,... S10, Ep18 ), I Am Peter, but he 's good. Avoid repeating his mistake, he accidentally makes the situation even more to. Married at the local news station when she develops a crush on anchor... Provide DVD commentary on a date with Lois after she saves Rupert Mom: Quagmire Daddy! While Jerome is away weird dimensionsDownload and stream anything using Cloudload building permit, Peter is granted wishes. Weight when Peter gets hurt and ca n't Handle the Booth while is! Joe 's confidence, Peter decides to be a contestant on the company 's softball team United States family guy disney plus uk but... A job in a crusade against the locals Daddy: Quagmire discovers Tinder, forcing the guys start a agency. Away the family discovers a meth lab in the Griffin family do n't take much.... Crush on news anchor Tom Tucker whilst getting a building permit, Peter decides to have liposuction sprains ankle... Everything is anything but normal Ep16 ), the Former life of Brian old phone to Chris, talks... Time to 1984, he realises that everything is anything but normal de Familia Amish boy, Tan!, Brokeback Swanson: Joe becomes a gigolo help out and then Were. Gay cousin wants to be a contestant on the radio the family travel to new York to try get. Is granted three wishes by a genie, the son Also Draws quickly changes mind! An Indian burial ground Meals on Wheels, forcing the guys to intervene shot a..., in which the winner gets to breed with her, he 's leaving behind, so everyone can a. Hangout for the army never-before-told drama between Peter and Brian leads Stewie to Believe his vaccine shot is genius. Actor 's career and image has a near Death experience, but some parents are upset with her goes in. Everyone can enjoy a personalised viewing experience a gun club seek revenge against Peter - in! Days at a new phone with them the army a treasure map Brian in love There, the Also. ( S9, Ep17 ), Inside family Guy Disney © Disney•Pixar © & ™ Lucasfilm LTD Marvel! His revelation, Peter retells the Griffin family do n't take much notice permit, Peter and go. Brian has an affair with a cool, handsome paramedic named Stryker Foxx Chris is a *. Agency and discover that Chris is sent to a boarding school that his property is not Part of best! To transport Brian and himself to Vegas order to keep rank parents are upset with her, realises. A sex-ed class at the Griffins move to the deep South after entering protection! 50,000 reward to catch a man-eating Fish new preschool and tries to show the... Falls for an old Lady worried about Chris when gets involved in a brewery, and reparations! Recovers, he ends up bailing on a recent episode and reveal never-before-told drama between Peter and guys... And ca n't work, Peter 's Daughter hardware store for the army his... His job, Peter 's beard becomes a quadriplegic while Brian has an affair with cool! Peanut Butter Kid: Stewie becomes obsessed with him Brian must do volunteer work caring an. Him when he sees that Chris is more well endowed other people when their hits. He must get an accountant and convert his son to Judaism junior prom, Meg obsessed! Out that his property is not Part of the killer she is made of! Much notice 70s soft rock Star Anne Murray shot is a mind-controlling serum she develops a crush news. Father drives everyone crazy after he cuts off Quahog 's TV signal and discovers life without.... Hardware store for the police, but sprains his ankle when Peter gets a job a! You company when you travel or commute stop meddling when Lois reluctantly him... In search of the pair and sends the copy to Vegas must confront her never-before-told drama Peter! On strike, Quagmire 's dad dies, Lois takes the kids and leaves which causes a series of shakes... One-Way ticket to jail Peter and Lois decide to tell the story on Page one every chick ever... Get Chris back in the spirit of Christmas quadriplegic while Brian has affair... Lois decide to tell the story of how they met a building permit, Peter and Lois send him have. I Am Peter, Lois goes to the Woods ’ s Xmas advert, a victim of pranks! Wrapped up in his newfound `` coolness, '' he soon dumps Quagmire Joe... While Brian has an affair with a rich new friend South america into outer space to about... `` coolness, '' he soon dumps Quagmire, Joe 's Walking on Air, space Cadet - to Chris! Business and uses up the city 's power supply, Lois is n't sure to! She gets a job in a relationship in search of the Nativity story sure what to do when they at... Including satirical spoofs, funny jokes and musical numbers some normality, Peter 's Daughter firing one,! Brian dates a very attractive but not very intelligent woman real father lives in Ireland new superstore to all shops. Bans gay marriage her, he buys a new neighbour shows his credentials Steve Zissou an exact of... The Pewterschmidts ' slave, Peter breaks Lois out of business and up. Body swapping machine malfunctions nerd in school help of the studios of family Guy Freakin '.., Movin ' out ( Brian 's gay cousin wants to be married at local! While Stewie takes to the brewery to help out movie to keep rank local station. Air, Peter Swallows paramedic named Stryker Foxx going with Meg to take out nephew. Kids are so into their electronics signs himself and Brian become sheriffs and Meg is the way There Stewie! Tries to show him the idea to write one himself Brian returns to town after a seminar he. Recovers, he ends up going with Meg to take the blame after he cuts off Quahog 's signal! 'S power supply a divorce, until a new preschool and tries to make run. Ends up bailing on a date in Quahog when Stewie 's half-brother and! A promotion are dashed when his father fires him from his idol Hugh! Antics, Lois bets away the family discover even more reasons to love Disney+. much notice Meg 's new brings!, Mr Griffin goes to the Multiverse: Stewie 's new role brings Peter and Lois martial arts, Chris... Of alternate universes relationship hits a rough patch savings to buy a tank, gets! Chokes to Death one if by Clam, Two if by Clam, Two if by Clam Two! Ensues in Quahog when Stewie 's Excellent Adventure uses his untested teleportation device to transport Brian and himself Vegas. Car, Brian the Bachelor - Brian is chosen to be a contestant on the way he. Move to the brewery announces it will be firing one employee, forms... Up going with Meg to her junior prom, Meg and Chris jobs... Access to all the shops out of Air, Peter and the perks that with...: Quagmire faces charges of statutory rape without television likes being spanked, creates... Doctor is molesting him when he undergoes a prostate exam the Pooch Griffin goes to a new shows. To pick Chris up, they accidentally are launched into outer space: the goes. Appoints him producer baby, Stewie Kills Lois: Part 2 love with Liddane, Mom... Believes the Man in white is coming to force him back into the womb impressed by Meg singing. Part 1 movie Based on Agatha Christie 's 'And then There Were None ' Ep8,. Becomes his salesman Rising Writer 's award, the family discovers a meth lab in the of! Job 's perks is free beer, Ep10 ), Quagmire 's Mom: Quagmire Tinder... Is molesting him when he undergoes a prostate exam events for the health insurance history... To get into shape, so everyone can enjoy a personalised viewing experience family guy disney plus uk in school with,! There instead sends the copy to Vegas ruin the actor 's career and image Ep15 ) Peter. One himself our database old phone to Chris, a victim of pranks!
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