I am setting up a new 110 gallon tank and was thinking about getting some rainbow fish, but would like to know some good tank mates for them. They shouldn’t be kept with more aggressive and assertive tank mates that may harass them or out-compete them for food. Best and compatible tank mates for your fish including betta fish tank mates, goldfish tank mates, oscar fish,angelfish,discus fish, tetra fish tank mates. The list of aggressive fish in the hobby is too long to list here, but most large cichlids should be avoided ( Jack Dempseys , green terrors, convict cichlids , etc. Red Rainbowfish Tropical Fish Learn all about the Red Rainbowfish's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. It’s a plain and small fish, which can be kept in a community tank together with the fishes of equal size. E. eddyg New Member. Nate3544. If you’re looking to build a fish community that consists of guppies and other fish, in this guide I’ll recommend 15 tank mates that are compatible with guppies. The fish species that you need to avoid as the tank mates for the Rainbow Sharks are Cichlids, Bala Sharks, Red Tail Sharks, Catfish, etc. This dwarf cichlid species is famous for its color and ease of maintenance. A few examples of good rainbow shark tank mates are: Rasboras; Danios; Gouramis; Loaches (this can be dicey if you have a particularly aggressive rainbow shark but it’s usually fine) Rainbowfish; Schooling fish normally do not due well with rainbow fish because most of … In both cases it will cause the channa to hide, defeating the point of the snakehead tank . Fish compatibility should always be examined when setting up a community aquarium. Sandy bottom, lots of plants and snags – this is a biotope that resembles New Guinea waters. In short, the Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum) is a unique freshwater fish that is originally from Thailand. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose the best tank mates for your angelfish, and it is worth your time to learn as much as you can before bringing fish home. Fork Tail Rainbow Fish The Fork Tail Rainbow is a schooling fish that should be kept with other peaceful fish. They like to swim near the bottom of the tank and eat algae. Tankmates Recap. Large predatory fish, fish that nip fins, and aggressive fish are bad companions for guppies. Like many rainbow fish they can be skittish and should be kept in small shoals of at least 6 to 8 of their own kind, preferably in a … The boesemani rainbow feels comfortable in tanks with large number of tank plants, but at that they should have plant free areas for the fish to swim. These Bosmani Rainbow Fish are hardy tank mates and are a stunning blue / orange / yellow fish with a peaceful demeanor. these I know for sure are available.There are others from time to time if the timing is right. Member. Re: Suitable tankmates for boesemani rainbow fish. The Boesemani in our aquarium right now is six years old and doing well. You’ll want to add you rainbow shark last. Rainbowfish are also extremely peaceful and make excellent tank mates for most small, non aggressive species of aquarium fish. Danios again, platies, peaceful barbs, tetras or rasboras. The rainbow fish is another good tank mate for the rainbow shark, and it is not just because they both have the word “rainbow” in their name. Related article: Red Devil Cichlid Care- Beginner’s Guide Furthermore, you must also avoid some schooling fish because those fish will also love to dwell in the lower levels of the aquarium. Believe it or not but, Having a right tank mates for your rainbow shark fish is very much essential to make sure you are ensuring a healthy environment with the aquarium. We'll i love my new wolf fish but i wan't somethin on the bottom to pick up the food he misses so has any body here kept ANY THING with a rainbow wolf i know i can be a waste of money to try tank mates but it would be cool to find somethin he will let live I figure that the chances are better then with a common wolf fish but still doesn't seem to likely « Reply #6 on: February 17, 2014, 08:35:53 am » I have 5 types, Scarlets are lovely, and snakeskins, I cant for the life of me remember the names of the others. A lot of your other fish will probably forget your bumblebee catfish is even in the tank at times! Also would angels work? So, consider these fish as suggestions, based on my own personal experience and knowledge. Threadfin Rainbowfish Tank Mates. May 25, 2018. The tank is a 75 gallon with an EheI'm 2073 filter and internal powerhead for water movement, Titanium heater, with LED Marineland lighting. According to Wikipedia, they grow to a length of about 3.9 inches in normal healthy community tanks.Their color intensity may be a sign of mood or health. A flake food diet is a good base for the Rainbow, but should ideally be supplemented with live food. The ideal tank mates for discus fish. Bumblebee Catfish Tank Mates. Rainbow sharks are aggressive, yes but they can live with the fish and critters I have included in the list above for one reason or the other. In smaller space, angelfish can become very territorial and aggressive towards their tank mates, so choosing the right size aquarium in crucial. This is because they’re very hardy and easy to get along with. Although beautiful fish, Rainbow Sharks are a semi-aggressive fish. According to Wikipedia, they grow to a length of about 3.9 inches in normal healthy community tanks.Their color intensity may be a sign of mood or health. For Rainbow sharks, same thing, you want fish that are more peaceful than semi-aggressive though. Rainbows are omnivores from the Cyprinidae family. Rainbow Fish. 3. The list below contains a short overview of the 20 best platy fish tank mates. The rainbows that I know I can get locally bosesemani, Incisus Reds,Praecox. It’s not demanding as for the feed and care, so it can be recommended for the beginners, however, please, keep in mind that the fish is aggressive towards its tank mates during its spawning period. You’ll also want to avoid fish that are small, shy, bottom-dwelling, or easily intimidated. Here are 25 tank mates for angelfish: Corydoras Catfish As the Rainbow Shark dwells at the bottom of the aquarium, avoid other bottom-dwelling fish such as cichlids and catfish. For the most part, the Threadfin Rainbowfish is happiest among its own species. List of Best Tank Mates for Angelfish. Some good tank mates include other hard water species such as similarly sized rainbow fish, live bearers, and smaller freshwater gobies. Your Rainbow will survive on flake food alone, but the live food makes the Rainbow more well-nourished and healthier. They are extremely easy keepers. You should also avoid any similar looking fish, i.e. Sometimes Boesemani Rainbowfish will move rapidly which can stress slow-moving/skittish fish, especially since they … They can’t be kept with all fish though, so you will need to identify some suitable tank mates. Joined Apr 28, 2008 Messages 18 Reaction score 0. You are in the thinkfish community creator for the Madagascan Rainbowfish fish species, you can learn all about how the tool works in assessing fish tank mate compatibility at the link provided or use the tool tips provided to guide you. 10 Of The Best Rainbow Shark Tank Mates. Because the fish is passive to a fault, it can all too easily go hungry amongst more voracious eaters and larger fish. Forktailed rainbowfish are a shoaling species and should be kept with between six and ten of their own kind. These fish are excellent choices for a community aquarium because of their peaceful nature. Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) also called rainbow kribs, is a popular freshwater aquarium fish of the cichlid family native to rivers in Central and West Africa including Nigeria and Cameroon. Discus Tankmates mikeyp 2019-08-08T20:26:09-04:00. About Rainbow Shark. This will prevent them from claiming the entire tank and relentlessly harassing any intruders you decide to add later. I highly recommend rainbows, and especially the Boesemani for a colorful tank. Check tank mates for the Madagascan Rainbowfish fish species. Although he is the biggest "kid on the block", he doesn't hassle any other tank mates. ... then you have to be looking if the tank mates too aggressive or boisterous. Difficulties in keeping. Similar water parameters and behavioral traits are important factors that will determine if certain fish … Best Guppy Tank Mates We have had rainbow fish of all types for the past ten years. When selecting tank mates, look for those fish that dwell in the middle and upper levels of the aquarium. These Bosmani Rainbow Fish are hardy tank mates and are a stunning blue / orange / yellow fish with a peaceful demeanor. There are a ton of viable options when it comes to bumblebee catfish tank mates. One of the main reasons why these two fish get along quite well is because the rainbow fish is a middle and top dwelling fish. Like other rainbowfish it can be quite skittish and does far better when kept in a shoal of at least 6-8, preferably more. Live or frozen Brine Shrimp is a popular Rainbow fish food since Brine Shrimp is very easy to produce at home. Primarly all artificial plants.Eventually a large driftwood center piece. Native to the Amazon River, the discus prefers warm water with temperatures between 82 and 88-degrees Fahrenheit. In this section we will cover Angelfish tank mates, the answer to the question of "what can go with Angelfish" is often quite surprising and the variety of fish available, not only in my store but in any good fish store, means that the hobbyist can revive that ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling that we all have when stocking a new tank or adding to an already established aquarium. Would some tetras or tiger Barbs work? Rainbow shark fish tank mates. Here I’ve prepared a list of angelfish tank mates for different size fish tanks with 3 examples: Angelfish Tank Mates – … Natural lighting intensifies their colors. … Thanks . Good tankmates include other similarly-sized rainbowfish, characins, danios, barbs, dwarf cichlids, freshwater gobies, and catfish such as Corydoras. They don't get as big, but again if you want a community tank that gets along, 55+ gallon tanks are needed. As you can see from the above information, there are several fish species and critters that you can add to your fish tank as tank mates for your rainbow shark. Rainbow Fish Tank Mates. Let me preface this section by stating the Rainbow Shark might not be the fish for you if you’re looking for a calm community fish. Any fish which doesn't look like a snakehead, and isn't small enough to becomelunch will be fine. The colorful males have an extended second dorsal and anal fin. if you plan to house other species of fish along with the discus, it is necessary that you choose those that can also survive in similar water parameters. Aggressive Fish – Any aggressive fish shouldn’t be kept as angelfish tank mates, as the will inevitably bully the angelfish. Red Tail Sharks and Bala Sharks. Tankmates .
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