Having a diverse geographical feature, the climate of Kerala … Throughout the year, daily temperatures usually rise from the low 70s F (low 20s C) into the 80s F (27 to 32 °C). Least rainfall in Kerala is in Chinnar of Idukki district. It’s important to check what the best time to visit Kerala is so you get the most out of the beaches, backwaters, festivals, and plush landscape. Kerala houses over 25% of India's 15,000 plant species. Out of 365 days in a year, there are 120 to 140 days with the rainy season. Physiography Kerala is divided into three geographical regions Highlands Midlands Lowlands Highlands The Highlands slope down from the Western Ghats (also known as the Sahyadri) which rise to an average height of 900m, with a number of peaks well over 1800 m in height. ... Agra is a well-known city, mainly because it is home to the famed Taj Mahal monument. The average temperature in Pune ranges between 19 and 33 °C. … Kerala owes this blessing with its nearness to the sea as well as the fort like Western Ghats on the east. Famously known as God’s own country, Kerala in South India is a treasure. The related articles section below might have a few write ups that might interest you. Kerala is a tropical place that is located along the coast of the Arabian Sea on the west coast of the Indian Coastline. Punalur, Palakkad, Kerala. The state lies very close to the equator but lying close to the sea and the presence of the Western Ghats on the east, Kerala is well protected from the … The highland areas of the state has cool and pleasant weather round the year whereas plains and coastal areas are more hot and humid. 8. Know about the Climate and Weather of Kerala Kerala the southern state of India experience equable climate all the year round. Kerala enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year. Climate of Kerala. ALSO SEE – Top 33 Best Places to Visit in Kerala. With regards to travellers, any day is a good day to come to Kerala. Kerala, a state in India that lies close to the equator is bestowed with a pleasing and agreeable through the entire the year. Kerala, once known for its moderate and comfortable climate where people never had to bother about the extreme weather conditions occurring in … The Southern region Travancore: consist of (Idukki, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram) Climate : Kerala, which lies in the tropics, is mostly subject to the type of humid tropical wet climate experienced by most of Earth's rainforests. Most … Climate: Although Kerala lies close to the equator, its proximity with the sea and the presence of the fort like Western Ghats, provides it with an equable climate which varies little from season to season. Also known as retreating monsoons, it is characterised by thunder and lightning with heavy rainfall of about 450-500 mm. Despite the rains, the climate will remain hot and humid. Northeast monsoon begin in kerala by October and continues till November. It is because Chinnar is a rain shadow region and the only one of its kind in Kerala. However, these rains rarely last long. Read through our guide on the best time to visit Kerala, that covers weather in detail and some festivals to watch out for. We have 3 travel seasons each of which attracts a different experience seeking traveller to Kerala. May 31, 2019 Facts About Kerala, Rank File, ... Lakkidi in Wayanad is known as the Chirapunji of Kerala. The climate of Kerala is equable and varies little from season to season. Tourism and climate. The center region is known as Kochi consist of : (Thrissur, Ernakulam). Similar to its diversity in geographical features, Kerala also has vast diversity in its climate. Climate of Kerala Sahaya Mithram.
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