When remounted this can result in very slight alignment changes. It may not be perfect, but I’m not disappointed with it, and I have no plans to replace or upgrade it. Read Full Summary. Ron’s woodwork covers the broad spectrum of skills, from earrings to tables, both new work and restorations. Investing in our future; Current Projects; Unsealed Road Trial; Information. This tool was something of a revelation. 769 likes. Some woodworkers use an old door on trestles as their workbench – I did for years. Or you can print the book from your computer to your home printer – although at 316 pages, it will chew through a bit of paper and ink! Alternative Text (Alt text) is mandatory. Over time, I bought a few tools that might come in handy. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Does it have a redback? It sat unused until this week. And I’m sure it works very well. Roy is the current CVWA President, having served as President in 2015-16, and from 2017 to 2020. Why not join in the conversation with us on our Clarence Valley Tourism and Hospitality Facebook Group? The 3hp motor means it has lots of grunt. The Clarence Valley Woodies website has been upgraded. Contact our Destination Management Officer Lou Gumb on 02 6645 0205 for any information relating to tourism in the Clarence Valley. Both are experienced and talented woodworkers regularly using their table saws particularly for box making. I first learned about Beethoven through Peanuts and Huntley/Brinkley. Basically, we’re below Byron’s Big Lighthouse, Ballina’s Big Prawn and above Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana - Our big thing is the river! He has been a major contribution to the Jacaranda Festival, as an exhibitor, a demonstrator and a volunteer. The books are stocked in Australia by Lie-Neilson Australia and by Carbatec. All of the  Clarence Valley destination marketing we do here at My Clarence Valley Business (MCVB) will push people to our myclarencevalley.com website and we want to make sure that your business or event benefits from this great exposure. It did a good job of shaping the seat. Some folks are workbench obsessed, and want the best ever workbench – they can turn their benches in to works of art, making them out of exotic timbers, fitted with exotic hardware and costing a mint. One is a video tour of our Ulmarra Shed, the other is a brief description and history of the CVWA by Colin. 3% Clarence's Reputation Score is (3%) Below the National Average. This is the place where childhood family and friends memories are made. for the price range. Summary: Clarence Vandestouwe is 83 years old and was born on 11/10/1937. My Clarence Valley Business (MCVB) is the central destination marketing and local tourism organisation for the Clarence Valley region and managed by Clarence Valley Council. MCVB is charged with growing and developing a viable, sustainable tourism economy for the Clarence. We now have our very own domain – clarencevalleywoodies.com. 1) consists of a faceplate ring which can be held by a conventional four-jaw (dovetail) chuck, a central main plate which can be adjusted to create different amounts of offset, and a small faceplate that can be indexed to 12 positions. Tourism is an increasingly competitive, challenging and ever-changing industry, MCVB’s mission is to protect, inform and enhance the operations and potential of Clarence Valley operators. UK researchers have modelled the impact of restricting airtime for TV ads promoting foods and drinks… Community News. To change the indexing position, the Axminster chuck has to be removed from the conventional four-jaw chuck, a machine screw loosened, and the small faceplate rotated to the desired position. These are record numbers for the region. Although I have yet to do any geometric patterns, the chuck, in my view, represents good value for money. Tourism is everyone's business and we can only achieve this with your involvement. After assembling the system I did a ‘before and after’ weight test similar to that done by Alan Bishop. Alan’s article got me thinking about adding a cyclone system. It weighs a ton but Neil and Steve fitted a mobile base so that it can be moved around easily. This is a proper Australian Dolls House. The new owner, Ian Horncastle is set to reopen on July 1 – more on the Woodcraft Gallery later…. Neil has a Laguna at home and Steve has a Harvey. The Clarence Valley is located in what’s known as the Northern Rivers area of NSW. They are also well written and well designed. He was responsible for leading the Club to a sound financial footing. Citizenship ceremonies; Community funding; MyRoadInfo; Transport information; Building & Planning. The outlet pipe needs to be located in the vortex (middle). It is a little tricky to use – the body of the blade has to be held at the correct angle to cut, but it worked really well. The controls allow unlocking with out the risk of getting clobbered in the shins by the foot pedal. The blade held its edge, and was easy to sharpen as needed. With a 250mm diameter blade rotating at 4300rpm, a ripping capacity of 750mm (with fence attached) and a maximum cutting height of 75mm it should be able to handle most jobs. This does a few things for us – including the ability to add more features, like videos! Like all Terry Gordon planes, this was good to go straight out of the box. The 90mm outlet pipe has a 90 to 100mm adaptor that connects to the 100mm flexible dust hose attached to the commercial 2hp dust collector. We now have our very own domain – clarencevalleywoodies.com. If you're holding an event, we want to hear about it! I haven’t read all of the book yet, but I have enjoyed what I have read so far. An alternative I used for one workpiece was to attach the workpiece with wood glue to a sacrificial piece of timber screwed to the faceplate. My home-built effort captured 99.1% of the dust/chips/shavings. A week or three ago, a friend of a friend asked me to make a couple of bar stools with saddled seats. Ron has always found time to help others and to share his knowledge. CVWA member Dick White has been spending some time in the shed during COVID restrictions. Instead of slicing off the waste, it shaves the surface – making tightly curled shavings. Instructions provided with the chuck were not particularly helpful. Well done Dick – a ripper of a doll’s house by CVWA member Dick White. The part arrived in Melbourne promptly and was sold at a very good price. Given that a number of newer members are interested in box making the new table saw should see a bit of use. My Neighbourhood. The centre is shifted by approximately 4, 7, 11 and 14mm as the main plate is moved successively from one hole to the next. One of the seats had some pretty wild grain, but the little plane didn’t care – I got no tear-out to speak of. Inside the drum the inlet pipe has a 90o bend directed at the side wall of the drum to create a cyclone (see photo). On the down side, the thing chucks shavings and dust all over the place – best used outside. Clarence Vandestouwe lives in Apple Valley, CA; previous city include Rancho Cucamonga CA. Old school fun for adults and kids alike. I plan to investigate the use of a spacer on the four-jaw chuck to prevent the Axminster faceplate ring moving when the machine screws are loosened. The system has now been in use for a few weeks and I am very happy with how it works. By loosening the counter sunk machine screws on the main plate, the plate can be rotated and set to any of the threaded holes on the faceplate ring. This compared favourably with Alan’s system removing 99.7%. His work has been published in National and major US woodworking publications. The Clarence Valley Woodworkers Association is open to all woodworkers based in the Clarence Valley and further. Update your links now. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). Ron’s work has been exhibited and sold though galleries around Australia. Blast gates at the lathe and on the inlet from the linisher (see photo) allow isolation of ducting and machines. Meanwhile, check the video that Coldstream Gallery posted earlier this month…. He was President for 3 years – 2012 through 2015. To download the book, click here and follow the links…. With scenery like this it's easy to see why Red Cliff is a destination to add to your 2021 travel list. Definitely ‘up scaling’ here….. a thing of beauty as well as performance. Two stools, ready for finish… These turned out well – happy with that. CV News. You can submit details on any significant event you are staging which would be of interest to local residents and visitors. Development services . Summary: Previous to Clarence's current city of Chino Valley, AZ, Clarence Alldred lived in Prescott AZ and Phoenix AZ. I then weighed the contents of the drum. We will be in touch with you about your submission shortly. Please provide images without text overlays and less than 1MB in size. Roy is always more than happy to explain how a piece was made and to pass on his skills. The Axminster eccentric spiralling chuck is probably best used for small to medium sized workpieces. The 12 indexing positions on the small faceplate can be seen in Photo. Minimum photo size is 2048 x 1536 pixels approximately 1.5mb. If necessary, add copyright details and credit the photographer. Even for relatively smaller items such as the offset bud vases shown a low lathe speed was needed. Lost Arts Press have released the book ‘The Anarchist’s Workbench’ as a free download in .pdf format – which means that you can read the book on your computer, your tablet device or even your smart phone. For the inlets and outlet I used 90mm PVC pipe fittings. (By the way, the old address will also continue to work). Write a brief description of what’s in the photo. For offset positions there are four settings clockwise and four anticlockwise. on Ode to Joy — Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes, on Making a Saddled Chair Seat – Tools that worked well…, Ode to Joy — Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes, Ode to Joy — Peter Follansbee, joiner’s notes, Making a Saddled Chair Seat – Tools that worked well…, See our Facebook page – Clarence Valley Woodies. He recently finished a doll’s house for one of his granddaughters – see photos. Clarence Valley Councillors have voted unanimously on a motion to request that the Premier and the Chief Health Officer of Queensland relax the border restrictions and allow residents from the Clarence Valley local government area to enter Queensland without having to quarantine for 14 days. So initially, I explored its offset capabilities and turned a few offset items (see photos) leaving Neil and Terry to explore the pattern and inlay possibilities of combining offset and indexing. We have wood turners, furniture makers, box makers, toy makers and carvers of all skill levels,  We can offer classes, a work shop space for members, and timber sales. Development services. Roy is renowned as a turner and carver. We know that Clarence is married at this point. Clarence Valley Working Equitation Club Clarence Valley Working Equitation Club Clarence Valley Working Equitation Club. Call now. Health & Wellbeing Lifestyle. A search of YouTube or Pinterest shows that there are many variations for home made cyclone dust separators and one of these may suit your situation. Dog exercise areas Clarence Kayak Trail Find out more. At the back of my mind was the idea that I could always build another one if my bench disappointed. Lost Arts Press is a small independent USA based publishing house that specialises in publishing books about woodwork. If you are interested in workbenches, or you secretly want the coolest workshop, or you desperately need a bench of your own, down load the free book and start reading. He is driven by his personal commitment to what he calls ‘Amercian Anarchy’ – and it doesn’t involve bombs and revolution. I have used the Triton equivalent – borrowed during the Jacaranda show while I was demonstrating. All my existing plumbing was 90mm or 100mm diameter and I did not want to reduce to 50mm and adapt back to 100mm. Of course I could do it – how hard could it be? That said, cutting against the flow (think of cutting with a router – the work moves on to the teeth), the tool is quite controllable, cuts quickly and quite smoothly on wide flat curves like the chair seat. All of the Clarence Valley destination marketing we do here at My Clarence Valley Business (MCVB) will push people to our myclarencevalley.com website and we want to make sure that your business or event benefits from this great exposure. It’s very accurate, quiet, with a wonderful big cast iron table top and the fence glides and locks like a dream. Meanwhile, Ferry Park Gallery at Maclean has also reopened for business. Once you have read the book, sketch up the bench you want to work with, and start building. Launch of ‘The Diary of Harry Stanmore’ October 23, 2020. Contact. Did you know 80% of people research their holidays on a mobile phone 20 weeks out from their departure date? The videos have now been incorporated into the CVWA website. Become a Clarence Valley Explorer. Ron Moore joined the club (then the Northern Rivers Woodworkers Association) in 2005 after moving to Grafton from Bowral in the Southern Highlands. I collected and weighed 2kg of dust and shavings, then put it into the inlet pipe at the lathe. For some time now, I have wanted to make a chair with a saddled seat. So, Neil organised to purchase the Harvey for the CVWA. Portrait sized photos, posters, brochures, logos or photos with written text are not accepted. These eight offset positions combined with the 12 indexing positions on the small faceplate allow for the creation of a large number of geometric patterns. Workbenches are a very personal tool. Recently three CVWA members (Neil Cryer, Terry Hulm and Bob Aitken) each purchased an Axminster Eccentric Spiralling Chuck. Try. It turns out that its not that hard, or time consuming… And it gave me an excuse to put a few tools to work in earnest…. Coldstream Gallery in Ulmarra have announced that they have reopened to visitors – although with reduced hours. Find where tracks and trails, parks and reserves, beaches, community halls, sportsgrounds, dog exercise areas and other places of interest are close to you. Volunteering Clarence Valley, South Grafton, NSW. I used low cost vices, and fitted them out with hardwood faces. This benefits the visually impaired and your SEO. Become a Clarence Valley Explorer. My Clarence Valley Tourism; Community safety; Libraries; Older people & people with a disability; Youth & children; Projects. Citizenship ceremonies; Community funding; MyRoadInfo; Transport information; Building & Planning . The size of the workpiece is limited by the ability of your lathe to handle imbalance. Reviews suggest that the Harvey HW110LGE table saw represents very good value for money. C is for Cangai.... We can feel stone throwing comps and river BBQ's in the air, spring is here and the weather is lovely. Conclude the description with supporting details and ‘How to Get There’ information. However, my first item was a large (300mm diameter) offset bowl. They both agreed that the Harvey ticks all the boxes (and makes them!) However, it was a most entertaining first attempt and there will be much more work done with this chuck! Other family members and associates include Stephanie Simmons and Emily Gray. Similarly, loosening the machine screws to offset the main plate results in the faceplate ring loosening in the jaws and may result in a small realignment issue. Remember to begin the description with your business name for better brand recognition and search results. Are you interested in signing up to TripAdvisor? Here Bob, Neil and Terry describe the chuck, show some or their initial work and comment about their use of the chuck. Close. Get social with us... Find us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with news, events and important alerts happening in Clarence. It follows an announcement on Tuesday 22 September by the… Found Clarence Valley Wreckers through eBay and ordered a turning indicator handle. The cyclones similar to that which Alan purchased for his workshop vacuum have inlets and outlets around 50mm diameter. Clarence Valley, Australia (@myclarencevalley) has 2,366 posts on their Instagram profile. Inspired by Alan Bishop’s post on the CVWA web site ‘Cyclone dust collection for your vacuum’ (May 14, 2020) I embarked on a similar journey. It is possible to purchase cyclones (Oneida) out of the US with 100mm inlets and outlets but they are not cheap. 2. Even so, Su complained of shavings all over the vegetables! For what its worth, my own bench (pictured above and below) was made mostly of oregon that was pulled out of a verandah and deck of our house at the time, as well as other odd timbers – recycled bridge timbers and even some treated pine 190 x 45 that we had lying around. Clarence Valley Council's division to promote tourism in the region, #MyClarenceValley, has 10,000 followers on 18,000 on Facebook. The Clarence Valley received 1.3 million visitors to the region year ending 2018. In order for us to have the best information always on show we are connecting with the ATDW and pulling all information and photo content from their site onto ours, but that’s not all, you’ll be listed on myclarencevalley.com as well as visitnsw.com, Australia.com and through ATDW’s network of over 150 tourism distributors. The Clarence Valley Woodies website has been upgraded. The extent of offsets (centres) achievable are shown on a workpiece in Photo. (By the way, the old address will also continue to work) Colin Lang, aided and abetted by Roy Ellery, have produced a couple of videos. My Clarence Valley Tourism; Community safety; Libraries; Older people & people with a disability; Youth & children; Projects. The book is written for readers from the USA, but the information and advice can be applied to Australian woodworkers. On the downside I would have preferred the indexed faceplate to be of steel rather than aluminium as it is easily scratched and marked. During this year’s AGM, Long Service Awards were presented to two members for distinguished long service. I bought it a few years ago – I saw it one in Carbatec, and wasn’t expensive, so I bought it to hollow out chair seats and maybe bowls. Like Ron, Roy is also very generous with his time and knowledge. Then mention your unique selling points so potential customers can immediately differentiate you from your competitors.Short sentences and one idea per paragraph are best. These heavy-duty plastic drums are available in 60L, 160L and 220L capacities. There are as many different points of view on what makes the ideal workbench as there are opinions on the ideal bench hardware. For some time, I have had a commercial 2hp dust extraction system (with pleated filter) plumbed to my lathe and linisher. Emptying the dust bag was a minor hassle and once the dust bag got to about one third capacity there was a reduction in air flow. It works well, removes wood quickly, and only has a few vices. Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis has written to Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and forwarded a letter from Clarence Valley’s mayor, Jim Simmons, “urging” her to “once again reconsider the matter and include Clarence Valley in the new ‘border bubble’”. The Power 30 countdown of Clarence Valley's Most Influential People in 2020 starts Monday, December 14 with No.1 announced on Tuesday, December 22. Roy settled in Iluka after leaving Victoria. This chuck, made in Axminster UK using CNC techniques, is typically used for a variety of eccentric geometric patterns and spiralling stems. Larger cyclone systems (Hare & Forbes; Carbatec) were not an option because of limited space and cost. Home; Events; Membership; Tests; Rules; Gallery; Sponsorship; Results; Document Page; Account. He instigated the CVWA involvement in the Bunnings BBQ program, which greatly increased the Club’s revenue. He said at the time that he decided to stand because he had gained a lot from the Club, and it was time to pay something back. Feedback. While we are here, check out Coldstream Gallery’s new website, with some of our members work in their on-line store – click here. Our big event each year is our Jacaranda display and sale in Grafton. Worked well! It’s a three-hour drive from Brisbane and a solid days’ drive north from Sydney. Chris Schwartz begins The Anarchist’s Workbench with a bit of history of his experiences with work benches and a bit about his personal approach to woodworking and life in general. Close. Basically, we’ll give you a significant online presence by driving people to experience what you have on offer and showing, essentially the world, what an amazing place the Clarence Valley is and what a diverse range of product there is to be enjoyed. Roy’s output is prolific and wide ranging. If you have trouble with the form, please contact the My Clarence Valley Business on 02 6645 0205. The small faceplate is attached to the workpiece by three screws. The book also has sections on historical work benches, bench hardware, fixtures and fittings – even using a bench with no vices! So, I decided to build one from scratch. I fitted the part to my car and have had no issue.- Byron C. 6 months ago Dave was terrific and so helpful, nothing was too much trouble.- Antonius T. Write a Review Read More. The AEG is probably easier to use, and rock solid. However, he is best known for his box making – both band-sawn and lidded boxes. It has nothing to do with Christmas, but that doesn’t matter. This first trial using an eccentric chuck took quite a while as the variations available take time to digest. The reader can take or leave the advice, and make a bench to suit themselves. I was awake in the night last night, and thought of this wonderful video – I first saw it 6 years ago, and posted it then at Christmastime. My Clarence Valley | Daily Examiner 1st June 2020 - My Clarence Valley - Clarence Valley Council's division to promote tourism in the region, #MyClarenceValley, has 10,000 followers on 18,000 on Facebook. Contact Us. The book also reflects the authors interest in historical benches and woodworking methods – that’s OK too. My Account; Sign out. Gallery. Roy Ellery also joined the Club in 2005, and has achieved the milestone of 15 years service with the Club. He has also received numerous awards for his work, within the Club and in open competitions. Reducing junk food ad time could reduce childhood obesity. My Account; Sign out . Sign up to see all their posts in your feed. Beware ‘climb cutting’, where the cut is with the cut of the blade – in a split second, the blade can grab, dig in, create a great divot, and, if you aren’t careful, take a divot out of you. His work is distinguished by his original and innovative designs, attention to detail and for superb finishing. Lost Arts Press is the brainchild of Christopher Schwartz, woodworker, teacher, journalist, author and former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine. How hard can it be? Sign In; Create Account; My Account; Signed in as: filler@godaddy.com. Consequently, this means that 20mm is sacrificed from bottom of the workpiece. He has lead many skill building workshops for Club members, and has always been generous with his time and knowledge. Wet and dry around a suitable scrap worked to get the edge of the inside bevel OK, then a lick on the back with the stones, and it was sharp enough. Further, the Bunnings BBQ served to increase the Club’s exposure to the public, to increase membership, and also to provide an extra social outing for Club members. It worked well, and dressed up the rough cut surface left after the Arbotech. Investing in our future; 2019/2020 Projects; Current Projects; Unsealed Road Trial; Information. Although business is quiet, partly due to the Covid, but also the dislocation of the new highway, but numbers are reasonable and should pick up once travel to Queensland resumes. Issuu company logo. Sign up to our tourism website and we’ll register you with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). Bellingen Woodcraft Gallery is also set to reopen soon.
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